Transcript on feeling good

Abraham: Well it is amusing to us that it is such an astonishing revelation to so many of our physical friends that good feels good. But we get how you get there.

We understand that you’ve been trained that you have to work hard, and that nothing wonderful ever really comes to someone who doesn’t really pay a price, and there is such virtue in determination and grit. But when you understand who you are, and that you come from Source Energy, and that Source Energy never leaves you, is always there with a pulsing signal, and that the way you feel is in fact your indication of your alignment with your Source.

And as you reach for thoughts that feel good, someone like a grandmother who loved you unconditionally and taught you the power of appreciation, gave you all of the tools necessary to live a wonderful life experience.

When you begin to understand that you offer thought, which is vibration, that Law of Attraction responds to that vibration, and then conditions actualize around that, as opposed to using your action to try to control conditions so that you can have a feeling response-suddenly everything starts clicking into place.

And the reason that we are so exhilarated about the words that Esther has found, to demonstrate this knowing that we hold, is because there is not a shred of evidence anywhere in the Universe to the contrary of it. And when you catch onto the idea of it, and you start looking for personal validation, before you know it, you can return to your empowered state of being.

Alburquerque, NM workshop, 8/30/05

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