Allowing the disallowing

“As you understand that you are a body of teachers coming forth having different experiences that you may culminate in gatherings like this to offer your differences to the greater knowing then you start to get the sense of what your unique experience offers to the greater understanding. It has been our observation and it is our absolute knowing that in the majority of cases — not all — but in the majority of cases of those who have come forth who now label themselves homosexual or gay or whatever the popular label at the time, that they are almost without exception very powerful, very deliberate beings who are of a family of Teacher who want so much to make a point of allowing that they come forth and choose an environment that for the most part is condemned by the norm so they can through their difference say it is alright to be different. It is for the purpose of making a point that it has been chosen at a very deep level.

Now what happens, that kind of gets it distorted after that fact is that, so often one who has chosen that, who has felt the sting of condemnation by the majority — rather than staying in the mode of the allowing which he came forth to teach — then gets resistant and angry about those who do not allow. He becomes a condemner of those who condemn. Which is just more purpetuation of the very thing that he came to assist in alleviating, you see.

When you are able to allow those — even when they are not allowing you — you know you have reached your place of inner harmony, when you can say ‘I understand that you don’t understand and it’s alright with me that you don’t understand but I’m alright whether you understand or not’.


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