Don’t take score so soon

You say, “But Abraham, when I want something and I have wanted it and it is not coming and I am aware it is not coming how can I feel anything but lack about it?”

And we say Don’t take score so soon.

Keep reminding yourself – and that’s where that trusting comes in –keep talking about what you want and why you want it and that will keep you in a vibration that keeps allowing rather than disallowing.

You would not go to that tomato patch and snatch that hard green tomato and say, “I’m going to eat you today because I said I would. This is the goal day. You are supposed to be ready, it is June 6th, today I will eat you.”

As you bite into that hard, sour tomato you would not have a very pleasant experience. It is ever so much more wise to relax and to say, in very trusting fashion, “It is coming to me. All is well. I will keep my eyes and ears open for it. I will feel my way to it rather than demand my way to it.”

We are wanting to assist you in discovering that fine line, that subtle difference between wanting something and going after it, [and] wanting something and allowing it.

We’re wanting you to discover the subtle difference between saying, “I want but where is it?” in which you feel the great crevice of lack, or wanting something and saying “This is a golden buffer of time through which it will unfold perfectly.”


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