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Abraham demonstrating a rampage of appreciation about money!

I’m doing very well in my life. I’m happy to be in this body. I’m glad I came. I like life on planet earth at this time. I’m appreciative of the environment in which I live. I like the abundance that surrounds me. I like the platform of wellbeing from which I get to choose. I’m sorting all of this out. I’m realizing that there’s not a rightness or a wrongness in having money or not having money, it’s just a preference that people are aligning with or not. And I like coming into vibrational alignment with my preferences about money.

What is it about having money that I like? I like the freedom that it allows me. I like the context of choices that it provides. I like the arenas that it opens to me. I like the feeling of expansiveness that it gives me. I like having all of those choices. And I adore the idea of having the flexibility to be and do and have more of those things.

I love this planet. I love the idea of exploring it. I love tasting the finest aspects of it and I love getting to choose what those are. I love this benevolent universe. I can feel that my source is calling me toward this abundance. And I can feel when I go, and I can feel when I don’t. And all of that’s alright. It’s not wrong to have dollars or right to have dollars. It just feels one way to align with my own desires, and it feels another way not to align with my own desires. It’s only about that.

I’m not making a statement to the world about what they should do about dollars. I’m not condemning people who have them, or critizing people that don’t have them. This is only about ME and my gap relative to this subject. And I can feel that my life has caused me to put some things in vibrational escrow that I’ve been holding myself apart from. But now I know what I’m doing. And things are coming in. And I’m getting the hang of this and I’m doing rather well at it. And I can feel the influx of energy. I can feel that my stream is calling
and I can feel that I’m more willingly going with it. And I can feel that on many subjects I’ve let go of the oars. I can feel that I’m coming into alignment. I have seen the evidence of my improved vibration in many different aspects of my life. I have seen the improved vibration of my being in the aspect of money in my life. I know I’m understanding this. And I think I’m making too much of all of this. I’m happy that I understand it. I’m going to look for more reasons to feel good. And I’m going to enjoy watching the abundance flow to me.

I’m hoping to see more evidence of the abundance flowing, and I’m believing that I will.
In fact I have already seen some of it. This is going to be fun. Nothing’s gone wrong here.
Everything’s right on track. I’m doing just fine. I’m happy where I am. I’m pleased with what I know. I’m happy to apply what I know. I can’t get it wrong. I never get it done. Isn’t life fun?! Don’t you love money?! Don’t you love money flowing?! Isn’t this a wonderful world?!

[Audience bursts into joyful, enthusiastic applause!]

Abraham-Hicks, San Franciso, CA, 2-24-07A


Those who are thriving are those who have given up the battle

“Well we would suggest that you start taking a poll of your planet. You’ll begin to notice that those who are thriving in the strongest way are those who have given up the battle, and who expect Well Being to flow to them. In other words, they are no longer justifying their Well Being, and if you’re not there yet and you talk to them, they’ll seem arrogant to you. They will really annoy you, because they expect things to go well for them and so they do. And for someone who hasn’t learned the art of that expectation it will seem like injustice. But it isn’t; there is no injustice. You always get what is flowing.”

July 1, 2006, Seattle WA

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