Allowing the disallowing

“As you understand that you are a body of teachers coming forth having different experiences that you may culminate in gatherings like this to offer your differences to the greater knowing then you start to get the sense of what your unique experience offers to the greater understanding. It has been our observation and it is our absolute knowing that in the majority of cases — not all — but in the majority of cases of those who have come forth who now label themselves homosexual or gay or whatever the popular label at the time, that they are almost without exception very powerful, very deliberate beings who are of a family of Teacher who want so much to make a point of allowing that they come forth and choose an environment that for the most part is condemned by the norm so they can through their difference say it is alright to be different. It is for the purpose of making a point that it has been chosen at a very deep level.

Now what happens, that kind of gets it distorted after that fact is that, so often one who has chosen that, who has felt the sting of condemnation by the majority — rather than staying in the mode of the allowing which he came forth to teach — then gets resistant and angry about those who do not allow. He becomes a condemner of those who condemn. Which is just more purpetuation of the very thing that he came to assist in alleviating, you see.

When you are able to allow those — even when they are not allowing you — you know you have reached your place of inner harmony, when you can say ‘I understand that you don’t understand and it’s alright with me that you don’t understand but I’m alright whether you understand or not’.


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About Cocreation

You have chosen to share your physical life experience with others not because you need them for you to effectively create, but because participating with others enhances your experience. Each of you, individually, has the ability to create anything that you can imagine—but as you are interacting, you benefit from the examples of one another. You attract others, and are attracted by others, depending upon the current intentions that you hold in any point in time.

Abraham–Daily Planning Calendar page 553

Your body shifts faster than your thoughts

You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today, and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them. Your body has the ability to replenish itself that fast. But most of you do not have the ability to change your thoughts that fast. So the amount of time that it takes between sickness and wellness is only the amount of time that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in — for me to figure out how to feel good, when I’m looking at something that makes me feel bad

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Your cells know what to do

As we behold your body you are much more an electrical circuit board than anything else. You are flesh, blood and bone that is clear to YOUR eyes but you are like an electrical circuit board more. As we visit with you here it sounds to most of you that we are wanting to assist you in using your brain to focus more precisely, and that is true but your brain is not the only thinking mechanism in your body. Every cell has a brain, millions of them. The cells of your body have been pre-programmed, pre-paved, pre-intended to maintain the continuity of your body.

The cells of your body as individuals, actually know their function within your body much better than most of you know your function within your physical arena. All cells do not do the same thing, each cell knows exactly what its purpose and function is. The cells vibrationally communicate, they electronically, electrically communicate with each other and with their Non Physical source. So the cells vibrationally ask for what they are needing to maintain the continuity of your body, and the Non Physical answers them. While this is taking place–which is every waking or sleeping moment of your day or night–as you are thinking thoughts, if your thought is one of appreciation, then in its vibrational harmony with the Source of the energy that comes to your body, as the cells are asking and the non-physical is answering, there is no resistance. There is perfect harmony so the communication process is complete.

But if while the cells are asking and non-physical is answering, if you are frustrated or worried or focused upon lack–and it’s easy to do especially when your body is hurting or when it is not functioning as you are accustomed to it functioning–then what happens is, you vibrationally without meaning to offer a resistance and that resistance slows down the ability of the cells and the non-physical to inter-relate. And that is what slows the process of healing, it is also what causes pain.

What happens when the cells of your body recognize that they are out of alignment, they have one mission only and that is to get back into alignment. So every cell in the affected area of your body goes to work overtime. As those cells are generating more asking, the non-physical energy is offering more answering so there is often an intensity around that area of your body. Well if you are not relaxing into it, and allowing it then the more they do that, the more you tense against it, and the more you tense against it, the more they try to do it. You see what we are getting at?

So the best thing for you to do, is first of all acknowledge that the cells know what they are doing. Acknowledge that the pure energy is being offered and your work is to find the feeling place. In other words, your work is to relax into an attitude of well-being. Now–you have great advantage. As we were listening to you in your offering, we can hear clearly how easy it is for you to bask in the good health that you lived. It is also easy for you to feel unhappy that that good health is not there.

See yourself standing before a picture window, it is a magnificent display. There is something there that you want very very much. You cannot afford it today but you really really want it. You are yearning for it. Now see yourself looking into the same display window it is magnificent, you really really want it but you cannot afford it today. But instead of yearning for it which is full of lack, you are just purely appreciating the splendor of it. Can you feel the difference in those two vibrations?

So what you are wanting to do, is to spend more of your time basking in the memory of a perfectly functioning body. Not tensing against the body that’s not working quite so well but spend more time remembering, more time regurgitating more time finding that place of Pure Positive Energy, and your body will realign itself. It is certain.

Abraham-Hicks, G 3-16-94

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Self-appreciation will attract all sorts of wonderful things

“Our encouragement is that you let your opinion of you be your top priority. That you put your greatest effort into examining yourself with the intent of discovering wonderful things. That you let the way you feel be the most important aspect of your work. For it is our absolute knowing that the way you feel is your point of attraction. From a place of self-appreciation you will attract all sorts of wonderful things. From a centered place of liking yourself you will allow all wonderful things to come unto you.”

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Creation is about creating your state of being

“When we say, “You are creators,” you think we are talking about creating furniture, or creating houses, or creating empires, or creating relationships. That isn’t what we talk about when we talk about creating. We are talking about the creating of your state of being. And when you have understood that, and are giving that your dominant attention, then all of the physical trappings of this Universe will fall into alignment in such glorious fashion that you will amaze even yourself. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH ACTION. IT IS THROUGH FOCUSING UPON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.”

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Those who are thriving are those who have given up the battle

“Well we would suggest that you start taking a poll of your planet. You’ll begin to notice that those who are thriving in the strongest way are those who have given up the battle, and who expect Well Being to flow to them. In other words, they are no longer justifying their Well Being, and if you’re not there yet and you talk to them, they’ll seem arrogant to you. They will really annoy you, because they expect things to go well for them and so they do. And for someone who hasn’t learned the art of that expectation it will seem like injustice. But it isn’t; there is no injustice. You always get what is flowing.”

July 1, 2006, Seattle WA

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Nonphysical always ask for “More”!

the mantra of “more”

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Every thought that has ever been thought still exists

GUEST: I’ve heard about the secret government in health conspiracies and very powerful men that want to control resources and create a lot of evil for the human race. I’m a naturopath. I work with health, and I’m frustrated by the health cover-ups that this so-called secret government has caused. And I’m wanting good for my clients. I’m wanting a way for them to have health.

ABRAHAM: You raise a very good question. And we want to give you an answer that will leave you in a place of feeling relief. Let’s say, just for the sake of this discussion, that it’s not just paranoid people picking up on a stream of thought and magnifying it. Let’s pretend that everything you heard is true.

As you project thought, that thought exists eternally, which means that every thought that you’ve ever thought exists. It also means that every thought that everyone else has ever thought exists – and by Law of Attraction those thoughts are coalescing. So there are literally rivers of thoughts that you can tap into by focusing upon something long enough that you find vibrational harmony with it.

You cannot protect yourself from something that you do not want because as you addressing this thing that you do not want – you are finding vibrational harmony with this thing that you do not want.

And now that you have found vibrational harmony with it, it comes to you. And then you say, “See, they were right. That terrible reality that they talked about is accurate and I have proof of it.” And we say, “All you’ve proved is that you have the ability to find vibrational harmony with something you don’t want.”

Every thought that has ever been thought still exists. And so, as an individual, what you are really wanting to do is appreciate that it exists, so that from it you can get a basis of your own desire. And then, as you individually align with your basis of desire – then that’s the life that you live.

This free will, that means so much to you when you are getting your way – you would like to take away from those who are getting their way if their way does not agree with your way. Fortunately, you can never orchestrate that from your position. Many of you try. You get together and you say, “This is true evil. This absolutely a wrong thing. Let’s get enough of us together that we can push against that.” And all you do as you get a bunch of you together to push against it is create more of it and make sure that you are more likely to be in vibrational harmony with it.

We will put your mind at ease just a little bit by offering you one very clear statement. Your government is not that clever. You are giving them way too much credit.

Every feeling of victim, every feeling of paranoia, every feeling of vulnerability, that has been projected from the beginning of man’s experience here on this planet, is running like a river. And every now and again someone will tap into that stream and speak it as truth – and what they are speaking is their truth. What they are speaking is what they are finding vibrational harmony with. What they are speaking is an option that is certainly available to all of you. Most of you are not aware of what the vibrations, that you are offering, are attracting back to you.”

So, if you mean well, if you want well, but you are not getting well, and you don’t understand because nobody’s explained to you the correlation between what you are thinking and feeling and what you are getting – that’s a breeding ground for paranoia. Because then you say, “Well, I’m certainly not doing it to myself. Somebody else must be doing it to me.” And as it shows up everywhere you go, it must be somebody really, really good, somebody who has spies and networks and satellites. “How could I keep having these same negative experiences everywhere I go? I know I’m not doing it to me. So somebody else must be doing it.

And if they’re this good, they must be really good. It must be government or other galaxies. It’ s a huge conspiracy.” And we say, It’s a self-perpetuated conspiracy. It’s you hooking into victimhood or into the vulnerability and holding yourself apart from Well-being, and then blaming somebody else because the Well-being doesn’t come to you. Law of Attraction says Well-being can’t come to you when you’re so aware that you are standing over here where you don’t want to be.

So you blame your plight on your mother or on the government or on some evil conspiracy, and we say, All you need to do is just relax and lighten up and let your Energy raise, and Well-being will come back to you. And then, who do you give that credit to? When Well-being happens, why aren’t there any “giant conspiracies of Well-being” out there? You never hear it, do you?

“The government has secret things that are happening that are making things go well for me. Traffic lights are turning green and friends are calling me and dollars are flowing. There’s a conspiracy of health in our neighborhood. I look around and almost everyone I see is up and alive and well. Children are smiling and going to school. The traffic, for the most part, is going very well. Only a fraction of our traffic ever goes wrong. A conspiracy. A conspiracy.”

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop Dallas, TX – G-3/13/99

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